As popularity increases for Amish-made and other high-end wood furniture, it can be difficult to determine the real thing from those who have simply jumped on the bandwagon.  Experienced shoppers typically have a keen eye when it comes to artisan-grade craftsmanship, but those new to handcrafted premium furnishings may have a hard time distinguishing the real McCoy from inferior, and often imported substitutions.

At Jack Greco Furniture, we bring over four decades of consistent quality and unsurpassed selection when it comes to shopping for high-end and premium wood furniture.  Here are just a few of the reasons why Jack Greco has loyal customers both locally and across the country.

  • The most exquisite selection of premium wood furniture for home and office
  • Custom tables, desks, chairs, beds, dressers and more from prestigious exotic woods
  • Renown for our extensive inventory of genuine Adirondack chairs and furniture
  • Handcrafted furniture in Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory and both Red & White Oak
  • Two WNY locations, visit our Inlet or Rochester NY luxury furniture showrooms
  • The largest selection of premium outdoor Poly Furniture and Rustic Hickory
  • Genuine Amish furniture made locally including Glenmont, Yutzy and more

Exceptional Wood Furniture for the Most Discerning Taste

When you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, it's unlikely that you're ever going to find it at your local furniture dealer.  At Jack Greco Custom Furniture in Rochester, we specialize in artisan-crafted furniture from some of the most luxurious woods on the planet; each piece customized to your exacting specifications.  We work with some of the area's most esteemed furniture builders, offering you even greater flexibility when bringing your vision to life.

People drive hundreds of miles to visit our showrooms, and we're just as popular among those who live right down the road.  Be sure to visit if you're in the area, or make a day of it and take your time at one of our two WNY stores.  We have locations in both Rochester and Inlet NY, and weekly specials on some of our most popular wood furnishings.