While many people admit to wanting to be taller, just as many fail to take into consideration the difficulties that come with being big and/or tall. Aside from constantly banging your head on low doors, not being able to fit into compact cars, and having to crouch down in the shower, taller and larger individuals often have a very challenging time finding furniture that fits their unique, larger-than-life frames.

One of the best examples, is beds. The next time you're in a furniture store, take a look at the beds on display. They are, for the most part, suited for people no taller that six feet and maybe a few inches to spare. So what is a person who is, say, 6'7" to do, if they choose not to sleep with their legs bent at the knees?

Of course, this is just one of many examples, and is in no way limited to just bedroom furniture. Big and tall individuals have very unique furniture needs that span their entire home, and as many have come to realize, the options are not in their favor by traditional standards. There are, however, options for those in the Rochester or west NY region.

Gorgeous Custom Furniture, Built Around You

Greco Custom Furniture, a community tradition in Rochester NY for over 40 years, has been helping big and tall customers design and build the furniture they need to finally live comfortably. They are known throughout NY for their exquisite hand-crafted wood furniture, stunning luxury furniture for homes and offices, meticulous attention to every detail, and legendary customer service and support.

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Looking for Large Custom Built Furniture?

One of things that has made Jack Greco Custom Furnishings so popular over the years, is his ability to create pieces that most people would have thought impossible. Whether it's a super sized bed for a professional basketball player, a custom rocker or chairs, taller nightstands, dressers or desks, an everything in-between, Greco goes to exhausting lengths to satisfy and exceed their customers' expectations.

If you're in the Rochester NY area, and have had a difficult time finding large, high quality home furniture, you owe it to yourself to visit Greco Custom Furniture. Regardless of what you have in mind, or the nature of the furniture challenges you typically face, or where you're located, you can have total confidence in Greco's ability to provide a furniture solution that's not only gorgeous, well-built, and made in America, but one that is absolutely suited to your needs.