Custom Built Jewelry Storage MirrorLike my fellow ladies who love their jewelry, but have not yet mastered the art of storing their jewelry, I have been patiently looking for a jewelry storage piece that not only looked great, but was also highly functional with a unique, decorative flare. When my boyfriend told me that one of his good clients specializes in original, custom built furniture, my interests were definitely piqued.

To make what could be a long story, not so long, I was introduced to Jack Greco (owner of Greco Custom Furniture in Rochester), and told him exactly what I was hoping to find. Instead of just picking out anything, he went in a direction I never expected, and floored me in the process. Jack helped me decide on what would be the best solution for my jewelry dilemma, asked about my style, decor preferences, colors, etc. And as I'm pretty sure you'll agree, the pictures speak for themselves!

Greco Furniture envisioned, designed and then built a breathtaking, completely customized wood mirror, with a beautiful sliding glass mirror, and storage for all of my jewelry. It is simply amazing, and way beyond anything I could have expected. The wood has a deep and rich tone, the lines are incredible, and the hardware is timeless. It can accommodate 11 necklaces, and surprisingly, there is actually a lot of room to store my rings, bracelets, earrings, and everything else, despite the perfectly thin design.

So that's my two cents, everyone. I'm not traditionally the gal who goes off on product rants, but this one is really special. With so much cookie-cutter crap in the world today, it is extremely refreshing to see a company who still takes their time, listens, and then builds something around the customer's needs, style and personality. Thank you Jack Greco, so much! I adore my new mirror and it will be in our family forever!